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LUX: Ideas Through Light

Curator: Asher Young

Curator: Eli Block

Curator: Doug Streat

Producer: Emily Bosisio

Producer: Laurel Lehman

Technical Advisor: Erich Bolton

Technical Advisor: Louisa de Cossy


Lux: Ideas Through Light— which showed nightly on Beinecke Plaza April 10th-12th, 2015, from 8 PM - 10 PM—is an exciting artistic collaboration open to all of Yale’s schools. Over the course of the exhibition, light and projection in conjunction with the iconic architecture of Yale’s Beinecke Library will be used to present an interdisciplinary showcase between Yale’s artistic designers and the striking research that has captured the fascination of these artists. Ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to professors, this initiative will be a unique collaboration across the entirety of campus. The project will combine an exciting new medium with on-campus work that inspires artists, in a location integral not only to Yale College but also to the whole university.


Projection as an artistic medium is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the growing use of projection design in theatrical productions and elsewhere. The growth in the medium of projection has only just begun. Lux will give undergraduates, graduate students, and professors alike the chance to explore this medium in a whole new way.


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