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Living Memory features a volumetric fog display designed to represent memory and its simultaneously ephemeral and corporeal nature. Community members are invited to submit photos and stories of lost loved ones to an online portal. The installation then generates holograms of those individuals who have passed, creating a piece where viewers are invited to inhabit the same physical space as their memories.

A CYI studio piece created by Asher Young with Noah Kernis and Angeline Wang.


We invite you to share a memory of someone important to you who is no longer with us via a photo submission. Some prompts:

- a snapshot of a moment in time
- the way you want to remember them
- an accomplishment
- a difficult yet poignant moment
- an image that makes you want to tell a story about them
- something you wish you could capture in a snow globe


We cannot promise that all submissions will make it into the piece. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at


Thank you for being a part of this project. 

Upload File

Photo Guidelines:

- Suggested resolution: min 750px

- Suggested orientation & framing: portrait, bust up 

- Full color (not B&W)

- File type: .jpeg, .png,. heic

Thanks for submitting!

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