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Creative Director/Designer

Emily Bosisio

Producer & Production Coordinator

Emily Bosisio is a producer and production coordinator for Xenia Visuals, where she helps facilitate the trajectory of a project from its initial inspiration to completion. Emily has worked extensively in both the music industry and event management with projects ranging from album releases and music videos to concerts and special events.


Emily is inspired by the potential music has to connect people around the world. She has combined her passion for fostering connection with her studies in psychology, and her practice in mindfulness, to create environments where innovation, excitement and interdependence can coexist. Emily has worked for companies including Capitol Records and Red Bull in various capacities. She has also worked with a.squared, 17O1 Records, Yale Spring Fling, the Yale Class Day Film, and the Yale Event Management Association.


Emily graduated from Yale University in 2016 with a B.S. in Psychology.

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