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Creative Director/Designer

Doug Streat


Doug Streat is one of the lead designers at Xenia Visuals and is charged with implementing and integrating new designs into every project he is involved with. Doug has designed in diverse environments such as conventional theatrical venues, temporary event spaces, and outdoor concert venues.


He combines his experience as a technician and a designer with a lifelong passion for music and performance (as an actor, a vocalist, instrumentalist, musical director, and conductor), in order to fuel his artistic endeavors. Doug not only continually develops his artistic passions but also cultivates his love for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as he continues to strive to become a doctor. Doug is committed to merging technological power and interdisciplinary studies with innovative ideas to achieve artistic goals.


Doug graduated from Yale University with a Master's of Public Health ('17) and a B.S. in Psychology ('16).

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