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Jack Gorlin  2-cls-new-york-show-2016
Jack Gorlin 3-cls-new-york-show-2016
Jack Gorlin 1-cls-new-york-show-2016

CL: Hello Bitches Tour

Artist: CL

Promoter: Siva Group

Producer: Krystal Yang


Production Designer: Asher Young

Production Designer: Eli Block

Production Designer: Doug Streat

Production Coordinator/Producer: Emily Bosisio

Touring Lighting Operator: Andrew Diamond

Draftsman: Andrew Diamond

Tour Manager: Keith Albrizzi

Creative Direction:​

Creative Director: Hi Hat


CYI designed K-Pop superstar CL’s first North American tour. CYI collaborated with the artist and management team to achieve a dynamic performance area for the artist, band, and dancers. 

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