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Aura - The Hyland Collection

Private Commission 

Designer: Asher Young

Designer: Tyler Lane

Aura is a work commissioned by Christopher Hyland to accompany The Transformation Series, which is a part of the Hyland Collection of American Photography. Aura is an audio-visual installation that elaborates on the essence and transformational message of the photography in the series. The installation uses projectors and other media technology to expand on the conventional viewing of a piece of artwork.  This allows the photos to take on different imagery and visuals while still maintaining their original format. This is achieved through 3D projection mapping which takes custom built video content and projects it onto the physical surfaces of the photos, giving them three dimensional qualities and altering their styles and appearances.


This installation is a culmination of the various styles and imagery present throughout the many artists that make up the entire Hyland Collection. This project is centered on the idea of transformation, but the meaning of that concept is left to the audience to interpret, thereby allowing the audience to apply their own unique perspective and meaning to both the photos and the installation.


Aura was designed and implemented by Asher Young and Tyler Lane. A special thanks to Christopher Hyland for his enthusiastic support of the project. 

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