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Creative Director: Asher Young

Producer: Emily Bosisio

Graphics Designer: Isaac Morrier




a.squared is an electronic a cappella group that started at Yale University with the mission of reinventing a cappella as a new way of making music with the voice. This is accomplished by combining the maturity of the a cappella tradition with the wild uncertainties of cutting-edge music technology. Using the program Ableton Live, the voices are manipulated electronically by layering loops, punching in effects, and making five voices sound like forty. Consisting of four singers, one percussionist/”mixer,” a.squared strays from the common a cappella genre applying the same software that is used in electronic music to the traditional a cappella setting. a.sqaured’s approach opens up possibilities for producing new styles of music, a technique that is seemingly unheard of with acoustic voices.


a.squared has performed live at Yale’s Bulldog Days in the Shubert Theater, the Boston Sings [BOSS] a cappella festival in the Mainstage Theater, and at their debut concert in the Off Broadway Theater at Yale. The group has also produced several music videos and arrangements released on YouTube and Soundcloud. a.squared also recently appeared on NBCs The Sing Off filmed in the Dolby Theater.


a.squared performances and videos are designed by Asher Young and produced by Emily Bosisio.


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