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Creative Director/Designer

Asher Young

Creative Director & Designer

Asher Young is the creative director of Xenia Visuals. In addition to designing various projects, he is in charge of overseeing that the entire creative team is following the same artistic direction. Asher has designed projects ranging from immersive theater to concerts, which analyze the clients’ desires and incorporate immersive and interactive experiences to achieve the most appropriate design.


He finds inspiration for his designs in various other fields and applies that knowledge to push the boundaries of his designs no matter the scale to achieve the appropriate emotion for the project. He has had the opportunity to work for various companies and artists such as Arc3 Design, ESI Designs, TEDx Yale, The Jane Doze, and Melchior productions, as well as design projects all across the country.


Asher graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Computing and the Arts from Yale University. He has also attended design programs at Interlochen and Carnegie Mellon University.

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